Education through chastity

Locked in a chastity belt!

Chastity is a wonderful way to educate men to be perfect slaves of pleasure. Submissive men in particular are often constantly horny subjects who constantly want to cum without the control of a dominant lady. This is why it often happens that such a slave is not really obedient during a session.

For such problem cases, a masturbation mistress can create masturbation plans. The advantage of this method is the long-term training in obedience. However, this method of education is not useful for every slave, as it does require a little self-discipline. However, things are different in a session with a chastity belt wearer. I have his cock under control immediately during the session, so the education can be carried out with consistency.

If a cock wearer has his favorite toy locked away, he thinks twice about being disobedient or unwilling!

The slave is then aroused just by wearing his cock prison, and I can use him wonderfully as a sex toy. Whether I want to fuck him with anal plugs or put nipple clamps on him, he submissively does everything I ask of him. And the best part: I show him that "his" slave cock actually belongs to ME.

When I have tortured him long enough, I make him beg to be released by me. And once the horny slave cock is freed from its tight cage, its owner is so grateful that he whines obediently for permission.

Do you think you can climax whenever you want? Do you think your cock belongs to you? Do you think jerking off is your right? Then I will prove you wrong!

If I feel like it, I will allow you to jerk off under my dominant jerk-off instructions. What are dominant jerk-off instructions? In a dominant masturbation instruction, the mistress determines how the slave should masturbate.

The following points are determined by the dominant masturbation mistress in the masturbation instruction:

The duration, the speed, the hardness and the pressure, how and where to masturbate, what to look at, what to think about, whether to squirt or not, whether to squirt several times, in connection with disgust training, squirting on yourself, swallowing your own sperm! As YOUR masturbation mistress, I enjoy dominating the slave like this and possibly humiliating him. The slave is at the mercy of the masturbation mistress and must masturbate as the mistress determines. With particularly nasty masturbation instructions, there is even an orgasm ban, the slave is made horny but is not allowed to squirt....

You are now condemned to chastity, slave! Because from now on your desire will only be controlled by me, your key mistress.