Sissy Maids

One of my special preferences is for my sissy maids!

I love training a sissy maid or even starting her training. My penchant for satin lingerie of all kinds is very helpful. I now have a huge collection of satin dresses, skirts, blouses and lingerie for myself, which I will wear during your training. I expect my sissy maids to always have impeccable clothing and a perfectly feminine appearance.

I realized early on that submissive men often love to slip into a particularly humiliating and submissive role. Transforming into a woman is only one part of it. The often larger part is performing the most humiliating function possible as a "woman", for example in the form of a servant or maid.

As my sissy maid, I expect you to do cleaning duties in your pretty sissy dress, serve your mistress and her guests coffee, wine and champagne perfectly, iron my satin blouses, wash my satin and nylon lingerie and fold them neatly. To further please my spoiled eye, I like to put my sissy maids in chains so that you can only do your ordered housework with little tiptoe steps. When I don't need you to serve and clean, you will kneel quietly and neatly in the corner next to my stockinged feet with your head bowed and behave quietly until your mistress has new tasks for you.

Not to be forgotten is my endless collection of high heels and boots. One of your tasks as my personal maid will be to clean my shoes and boots thoroughly with the floss brush and polish them to a high shine.

In order to make you the perfect sissy maid, I will not tolerate the slightest mistake. If you are careless or aroused during your service with me, I will put you over my knee, you will pull up your satin uniform and I will spank your bottom through your satin panties.

If your mistress feels like shopping, you will accompany me into the posh city center and carry my bags.

Particularly stubborn sissies will be strictly restrained by me, additionally gagged and have enough time to think about their transgressions...

If you are particularly committed, however, Mistress Nora Marinelli will appoint you as her personal maid.

Start your comprehensive maid training now!