C2 & C3 cuckolds wanted

From now on, a (very) solvent C2/C3 cuckold can humbly apply to ME! I will use you with my dominant alpha bull (successful businessman, good-looking, athletic, dominant, frequent ejaculator) and humiliate you extremely! A long-term relationship, vacation, or one-off experience (e.g. a weekend) is possible! Taking over your house or holiday villa is of course possible - if it meets my high standards. You can serve us in various ways: as a sissy maid, as a shopping slave, as a money pig..... You can perform all menial services, up to making our cum-filled bed and serving us breakfast as a reward. ABSOLUTE discretion and a high standard are expected and offered. With a suitable applicant, there are no limits to the games. These possibilities can be discussed over a glass of champagne or a cafe date - of course only after prior application and for an appropriate tribute! This is neither a game nor a fantasy - be aware that I will challenge and demand your every wish. My selection criteria are very high! Absolute devotion, solvency and obedience, as well as extremely good upbringing and manners are not just requirements - they are obligatory! If you meet these high standards, you have the opportunity to experience a long-term cuckold relationship! I am an attractive, graceful and merciless cuckoldress. I know how to dominate submissive slaves and how to train a pathetic loser to be an obedient cuckold. As a glamorous mistress, I love luxury goods such as fine jewelry, precious cosmetics and perfumes, outrageously expensive high heels, designer clothing and luxury lingerie, luxury cars, real estate in the best locations, designer handbags, gold and luxury watches.

Under my rule are several submissive cuckolds who pay me their respect and recognition through gifts and tributes!

I only live according to MY ideas! Men are "used" as cuckolds and experience their horny suffering. I am beautiful, incredibly erotic, charismatic, independent and free.

As an adorable cuckoldress, I take the freedom to have sex with whoever and whenever I want. Your mistress enjoys "passing the time" with pretty bi slaves and other bi women, or with her alpha bull. My absolute dominance casts a spell over every cuckold! You will fall for me.

I am rigorous, my moods are unpredictable and my lust is unbridled. I love decadence - it doesn't matter what a cuckold wants - ONLY MY will counts.

C2 - Training to be a classic cuckold

In contrast to the role-playing cucki C1, the typical cuckold of class C2 is extremely submissive. He submits to his dominant cuckold owner and is considered a classic cuckold. The sexual desires of his cuckold mistress are his command, who lives sexually with a lover, other slaves, bi women or her partner, while the C2 slave sits in the next room, listens or just tells him about her experiences afterwards.

The C2 cucki is passive, not sexually active and is trained by her to be a servant for the love games of his cuckoldress. His tasks include, for example, buying a new outfit or new boots for the dominant mistress so that she is dressed sexy for her solo love meetings.

He pays tribute to the cuckold money mistress so that she can have fun, works for her to finance her sexual adventures. She trains him to be a submissive, classic cuckold through letters, emails, phone calls or text messages with reports about her sex escapades or even live, in a real top/sub relationship.

His cuckold training can even go so far that he does the preparations for a sex meeting: making the bed, doing housework, getting champagne, cooking food for the dominant cuckoldress and her lover. He lets his cuckold dominatrix degrade and humiliate him by questioning his potency, insulting his cock (too small, too short, not long enough, etc.), telling him how much better the other one is than the C2.

The dominant cuckold laughs at him, sometimes on the phone, while she enjoys herself sexually and the classic cucki is only allowed to listen passively and is insulted by her. Sometimes the cuckold mistress not only dominates him alone, but her dominant lover also educates the C2 and forces him to carry suitcases when the two of them go on vacation, uses him as a chauffeur to take her to a date, instructs him to sacrifice his credit card to go shopping together, etc.

The dominant cuckoldress has no real sexual relationship with the classic C2, often she dominates him with a chastity belt and only allows him to easier when she hands him the key as the keyholder. The classic C2 cuckold is content to finance the debauched life of his mistress, often even his wife, and often mutates into a money slave in cuckold training.

He withdraws or is pushed out when she has sex with others, renounces sexual satisfaction through chastity, only experiences her sex stories second-hand and is trained to be a submissive cucki whose devotion becomes stronger than his lust.

C3 - extreme cuckolding

A C3 level cuckold is totally dominated by his mistress, right down to the smallest events of his life. The complete dominance and submission naturally also applies to his sex life. The C3 is extremely submissive, his sex life is only controlled by his cuckold mistress and he is often completely denied any sexual activity.

He is subject to strict chastity, sometimes only lives with a chastity belt and is not even allowed to masturbate. The withdrawal of all sexual practices is sometimes compensated for by substitute actions during chastity, such as erotic lactation, i.e. breastfeeding or breast-feeding by a maid who acts as a wet nurse.

The extremely submissive C3 is not only kept chaste, but is often only allowed to address his cuckolddress as "Mistress" or similar titles. Consistent adherence to a never-inside relationship, i.e. no sexual intercourse of any kind for the cucki, is part of C3 cuckolding. This is ensured by permanently wearing a penis cage or by appropriate piercings.

The cuckold mistress still has an intense bond with the C3, but this is determined by degradation and humiliation. The C3 slave essentially gives himself up for his cuckold mistress. Sometimes he is even kept in a prison cell, dungeon or cage like an animal while the cuckoldress pursues her love life with another lover.

A slave contract in which his disenfranchisement with regard to sexual contacts, his financial tribute payments or measures for C3 slavery are stipulated is also not uncommon in C3 cuckolding. In such extreme cuckolding, it can even happen that the cuckoldress demands castration from him via a cuckold contract and he is completely deprived of his masculinity.

Tattoos or brandings that mark the C3 as her property without rights are also characteristic of extreme cuckolding. The C3 is subject to the extreme dominance of his cuckold mistress, who lives a sex life with one or more lovers at the same time, even to the point of emotional attachment. Impregnation by someone else also occurs in C3 cuckolding.

Then the cuckold dominatrix allows herself to be impregnated by another man, more potent than the cucki. This shame, which is obvious through the pregnant belly and later through the cuckoo child, is to be seen as the greatest public humiliation for the C3, who even endures being exposed in front of friends and acquaintances as an impotent partner for his cuckold mistress.

His devotion has progressed to the point that he lives exclusively for her well-being and happiness, and his life is completely dictated by her. This extreme submission fulfills the C3 cucki and gives him satisfaction, as he has given up all control over his life into the hands of his adored cuckoldress.